Friday, January 30, 2009

A must try Islamic text message...

Your phone goes off and you look at the screen. You have a text message and it reads:

Fajr improves your beauty, Zuhr increases your income, Asr increases your health, Maghrib makes a good future for your children, and Isha procvides you with a peaceful sleep. What more could you need in life?

I love all my sisters in islam for the sake of allah. Everyone of us goes through times when our Eemaan is low or high. Since we want for our friends what we would want for ourselves (janaah) lets do our part and keep the foundation strong. As muslims we always strive to be in the remembrance of allah at all times. Even the littlest deed is pleasing to allah s.a.w. So why not, send a text, keep the shaytaan at bay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am a make up feen!

Hello my name is Taya, and I love to draw on my face... I can see it now joining a make up addicts support group. I consider myself definetly a feen. See it's getting out of control. MashaAllah, I've got alot. The most recent addition to my make up family was an awesome set of mac brushes. It looks like its a tool belt, only its complete with all types of brushes that one could possibly ever need. I'm so satisfied I don't think I'll be needing brushes for a long time. One thing I should mention to you sisters out there is to CLEAN your make up brushes. It's really important to. The last thing you want is bacteria..not a good look. And plus you could be the reason your face is breaking out. yikes!

It's important to excercise good make up habbits:

  1. Always check for expiry dates on your makeup. (yes they have a shelf life) So toss it if it's been a long long time.

  2. Before you go applying your make up, always apply it on a clean face and moisturize. You off to a good start if you do so.

  3. Don't sleep in your make up. Try and go to bed with a clean face. Invest in a make up remover.