Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am a make up feen!

Hello my name is Taya, and I love to draw on my face... I can see it now joining a make up addicts support group. I consider myself definetly a feen. See it's getting out of control. MashaAllah, I've got alot. The most recent addition to my make up family was an awesome set of mac brushes. It looks like its a tool belt, only its complete with all types of brushes that one could possibly ever need. I'm so satisfied I don't think I'll be needing brushes for a long time. One thing I should mention to you sisters out there is to CLEAN your make up brushes. It's really important to. The last thing you want is bacteria..not a good look. And plus you could be the reason your face is breaking out. yikes!

It's important to excercise good make up habbits:

  1. Always check for expiry dates on your makeup. (yes they have a shelf life) So toss it if it's been a long long time.

  2. Before you go applying your make up, always apply it on a clean face and moisturize. You off to a good start if you do so.

  3. Don't sleep in your make up. Try and go to bed with a clean face. Invest in a make up remover.

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  1. wahouuuuu I love make uppp just send me some :-D