Thursday, February 19, 2009

How I became Muslim


I thought it would be appropriate to share with you how I became muslim. I am a revert to islam, alhamdulilaah holla!

Throughout my lifetime I was raised as an anglican christian. I grew up in the church the whole shabang. I had a good foundation as a child with my spirituality, I learnt to love Jesus. It wasn't until I got older that there would be certain occassions in my life where I would question my religion. As a child you are told good from evil and your parents are there to guide you along the way. They could tell you the sky rains lollipops and you would beleive it. Why? Simply because you love them and you trust them. So, it's no wonder that the religion that they choose to bring me up in seemed like the perfect religion. And if I found fault with it, it was because there was something wrong with least that what I used to think.

In my teen years, holding on to my spirituality was like holding a peice of thread, you could barely see it. Now in highschool being religious wasn't "cool" so there were things I would downplay. I began to grow further away from the church and just do whatever I wanted, giving into my desires. It can be such a crazy time trying to figure out who you are, who you want to be and what you would like to get out of this life.

It finally hit me later on in University that there is more to life than the life I was living. I was known to party with some of the best of em. Not something I say to be proud of, only to let you know that I'm keeping it real. Life can be unkind when you live it godless. By then I even questioned " Is he really there?" I had really almost lost myself. I was depressed and just sick of the drama. I had many people in my life who supported my non-halal lifestyle. I got the popularity, glamourized it, the whole bit. I couldn't even see the countless blessings that Allah had put in my life. I coudn't have gotten this far in life on my own stregnth. And that whatever I have been given in this life is given to me from Allah. Period.

It took someone from my jahiliyah to make me see. I hadn't talked to this person since highschool and we were at different places in our life. We used to be good friends a long time ago, and between friends we could talk about anything. We began talking about islam. Little by little, I was given loving spoonfulls of dawa'ah (unknowingly heeh). To me the topic, well heck I knew nothing and was open to recieve the message. For christians, I beleive it is only natural to come into islam. It is the next step if you trully want to grow.

As an adult you owe it to yourself to come straight out and think criticly for yourself. I had been having discussions about christianity and islam, and was pleasantly surprised to see the
similarities between the two which resulted in me bridging the gap and taking my shahadah. Allahu Akbar girlfriend hehe!!!!My friend was soooo happy for me and I was excited for my life. I got my life back, alhamdulilalh. I began to learn to pray and learn more about islam and have peace in my heart. I love islam, and islam loves you too! It was a major lifestyle change for me, and to get to where I am now wasn't easy allahu ahnam. I had to fight for what was right. I didn't tell my parents right away. My mother had a hard time, I walked in her shoes I understood what she felt. It was painful for her. How could I just abandon this religion that I spent all my life trying to learn? I took my time with it, alhamdullilah allah made it easier for me. And she loves me as a muslim. (say mashaAllah) I'm fortunate, that is not the case for everyone.

The shaytaan gets to them wispers in their ears, telling nonsense. She got passed it because at the end of the day, I am her daughter. And its just that simple. Who knows maybe one day she'll take her shahadah inshallah. I would love that, so much. For now, I can only lead by example and try to be a better muslim inshallah and "make it rain", just flood it with dua'as that one day my family will be muslims too.

My friend, the one who gave me dawa'ah said they made tons and tons of dua'as for me. In fact it was that they felt compelled to ask Allah that I become muslim inshallah and bear witness that Allah is one. I never mentioned but this friend was a brother in islam. And we prayed our way to each other. What better gift from Allah to have a friend like him. In my life before I had asked god to send me someone to love me for me. To treat me well and make me laugh ALOT! hehe. Well alhamdulilah, I have that now and so much more. We truly, madly, deeply do love each other for the sake of Allah and got married later on within that same year. And that is how I came to islam...

holla, sugarplum*


  1. alsalmaou alaikom sister,
    that is such a beautiful story!! mashallah, I'm so happy that this happened and really glad, your story has made me so happy :)

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu sister, I love that you like my story jazakallah. Happy I could put a smile on your face :)

  3. Asalaamu `alaikum!!

    Masha'Allah masha'Allah!! What a beautiful story!! May Allah ta`ala shower you and your family with His Blessings & Mercy, ameeeen!!!


  4. asSalaamu alaykum sister.. your story filled my eyes with tears.. Allaahu akbar, its so wonderful to read how someone came to islam..
    and its so crazy to see how things turn out, i mean the brother who finally became your husband and things like that, we never know where life will take us..
    may our ummah grow, ameen