Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's inside my bag..


The above pic isn't what's in my handbag, it's just a random pic. Seeing as how am a mommy the stuff I'm carrying is going to be little different than what it used to be but here we go:

1) All things baby, diapers, wipes, baby powder, ect

2) Baby food/snack/bottle

3) Spare change of clothes for baby

4) Cell phone

5) Book of dua'a called Muslim Fortress, it's awesome mini sized.

6) Lipglosses n' lipstick..not one bc I love make up way to much to carry one.

7) kohl eye liner

8) blush, although I don't end up needing it most times.


10) pen n notebook


12) toys for my son

13) bottled water, gotta keep myself hydrated.

14)hair ties

15) hand lotion, all fruity

16) sweets or chocolate and gum or ALL!! hehe


  1. hahah that's so cool! I never carry around a bag lol :p I don't really need it and it just annoys me lol. Well I mean I'm only 13 years old lol :P

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  3. Asalaamu `alaikum!!

    Wow, our bags sound the same masha'Allah!! OOoooo but I wanna get the "Muslim Fortress" -- sounds like a handy little book to have around at all time!!

    P.S. Luv your Blog!!