Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hate The Playa, Hate The Game..

Salaamu Alaikum my sisters in the blogosphere, I 've been meaning to getting this post out. Anyways so here's my story. It was a weekday morning and I had to take my son to the pediatrician. I was already running behind, couldn't find my keys frantically searching so I could close the door. Alhamdulilah, found em' and I was out. I don't normally take the bus, but I had no other choice this time and waited at the corner of my street. I was searching in my bag for my token so I wouldn't be slow getting onto the bus with a stroller and all. By this time, everything is fine and I'm waiting minding my own business thinking about life. Then this white van pulls up to the bus stop and with his window rolled down he decides to say "Hey..Psst". Now I'm actually shocked out of my mind because he was sooo bold. I have a child, looking like somebodies mom. I'm wearing an abaya and covered properly. I'm thinking in my head " What is this dude's problem? What in the hell is he thinking approaching me?"

I didn't answer the guy, my reaction is clear. My face changes and I look disgusted. Hoping he will just go away he waits and looks at me. I can feel his eyes looking me over & over. I want to wipe the grin off of his face. I turn around giving my back to this idiot. I'm starting to feel really gross. I guess to this guy, who clearly isn't muslim it didn't matter.What a creeper, he watched me for about 5 minutes. He could have gone and made his right turn and be on his way, but no. He missed the light just for me..ewww

All I know is, it was clear it didn't matter to this guy if I had a kid, or could have been married. ( which we know I am) Some men are sooo sick out there it really doesn't matter. They really think they have game.? Muslim or non-muslim. Now back in my jahiliyyah, I was always sick and tired of men bothering me. Trying to holla at me. Making fools out of themselves just so they try a one liner or what have you. I've heard it ALL. I used to get embarrassed especially when I was with my Dad or my Mom. It's totally ajeeb dude, and SO wrong :$ These men didn't have enough respect to leave me alone when I'm with my family.

To all my non-muslim men and in some cases muslim brother's that don't know proper ettiquette, listen well. What a muslimah really thinks is hot is the respect you give her. So LOWER YOUR GAZE. Don't try and holla at me "playa, playa". I'm a believing woman going about her day. I could be:1. Somebodies wife, 2. Somebodies mother, 3. Somebodies sister, 4. And I'm for sure somebodies daughter. If that doesn't make you think twice I don't know what will. Would you want your mother or sister to be treated this way, haha didn't think so.

In the words of my grandmother "Man is Man." So I keep it real, being modest is hottest.

<3taya* Umm Layth


  1. Ewww what a sicko -- ya this happened to me last week when like a old dude (I'm talking with a long gray beard) was trying to be all cool and get my number *rofl* EWWWWW i was like freakin' out cuz I saw him following me on Shaykh Hamdan Street, a`uthu billah!! And nope they don't care if uu have a child -- if they like what they see then they are gonna try and make a play...

  2. Aalia, that is nasty. I'm even more freaked out now hehe. I thought having a kid would be my free pass & the intrigue to talk to me would be a def no. I guess ppl have no shame, may allah guide these ppl and stay away FAR AWAY from my sisters in islam. yuk.

  3. Ahhh my Beyonce, poor you. Shame on them. Aybbb!

  4. Aww thanks pixie, tell em! hehe <3