Thursday, March 17, 2011

Assalamu Alaikum,

It has been soo very long since I've posted anything on my blog.

I been going through so many things and never made an effort to make the time.

InshaAllah, I won't have anymore writters block and feel and want to write this time around.

As you know this blog title is in saudi..only at the moment I'm not in Saudi

anymore. I'm in Canada. I did go to Saudi for some time and eventually talk about it.

Stay tuned for more from me...

Umm Layth aka Sugarplum

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  1. Salaam Taya -- I missed you and your attitude LoL subhan Allah you remind me of someone I really luv and admire back home in Canada (she is an African-American revert from the Bronx)... I was wondering where you have been BTW I stopped Blogging on "Chasing Jannah" for security reasons so give me your email so I can send u an invite to my hidden one ;-)